The travel industry has to adapt high quality standards as in other industries. Fast, efficient and reliable services are the call for action. Amazon consumers get great recommendations for new products and the products get to their door steps faster than ever. Ordering food in some chains through apps is seamless and efficient. The travel industry has not meet these standards yet. A few ideas to speed-up pace in the next years.

Mobile and mobile limitations

40% of american visits to travel websites are done from a mobile device. Although this high number and growing rate of mobile use, 60% of American leisure travelers reported that they worry that they are not finding the best price on mobile and they are not sure they are taking the best decision. This is the reason that 67% of American leisure travelers will double check prices after using their mobile device. Main reason for this consumer behavior is due to mobile limitations and mobile usability that make many Americans turn to other devices for further information and final booking.

Here are a few suggestions for travel oriented businesses to improve their conversion rates of mobile users:

  1. Less steps for bookings
  2. Helping users to fill on-line forms
  3. Guarantee on cancellations

These implementations will make the mobile device much more user friendly and trustworthy. Keeping the users on mobile in the app/website will improve your conversions rates  on sale and improve ROI on you mobile online campaigns.