Today more clients are expecting custom made travel products. These standards will even be higher in the future and the industry will be compelled to adapt itself. Taking this into account, we at ‘Tourism in the Future’ see these following travel trends emerging this year:

Halal Tourism, DNA Tourism and “Mother Nature” Hospitality.

Halal Tourism

Halal Tourism is showing an annual growth of 5% with a total market share of $220 billion. With consumers on average spending upwards of $2,200 per trip, this is a prime market opportunity for new Halal products and relevant adaptations of the Air and Hospitality industry.

For the average ’Halal’ holiday maker, Halal cuisine on airlines, announcement of prayer times and relevant on-board entertainment programmes are becoming more commonplace. In hotels it is expected that Halal food will be exclusively served, without alcoholic beverages, and with separate pools and SPA areas. In order to attract this market segment some Hoteliers in Malaysia, UAE, Turkey and also some non-Muslim countries such as Thailand are adopting these requirements. In Thailand a 4-star Halal hotel was opened, Al-Meroz. The 3 Halal airlines; Royal Brunei Airlines (RBA), Saudi Arabian Airlines and Iran Air are meeting these client demands. The demand for these airlines will grow in the future and also it is very probable that will see also a low-cost Halal airline being established in the coming year.

More to learn about the Halal tourism at the ATM Global Halal Tourism Summit 2017 on the 26/4/17.

DNA Tourism

In the near future the first thing you are going to do when planning your next vacation is to give your travel agent a sample of your DNA. Your genes will tell your travel agent your travel preferences and he will be able to suggest for you a destination and itinerary. The probability for a right fit of your liking will be around 80%-90%.

In our early age, where science has not moved forward this much, the coming trend will be Genetic Heritage Tourism.

Many Americans have their origins in Europe and in Africa. Now they can unlock the secret of the past and find out where they originated from, using a $100 DNA test kit.

Momondo, (the travel search engine)  created a social media campaign reaching almost 200,000,000 people worldwide. Momondo tested people’s DNA and exposed them to where they originated from. See more in the video clip:

Many of these emotional reactions ended in a great and unique custom-made personal travel itineraries. All of the trips created a new connection between the DNA tourists and their living ancestors. The outcome was an emotional and transforming visit to the land they originated from.

“Mother Nature” Hospitality

Did the hospitality industry try everything ? Apparently not!!

Why not to put a bed out in the open in the Swiss Alps and charge $300 for a night? This is exactly what 2 Swiss entrepreneurs did in 2016. They build a stage on a mountain and put a deluxe king size bed under heavens sky. The guests sleep out in the open and get a VIP butler service included. Toilets are only a few minutes away. See more in clip:

Other concepts, place a “Bubble Tree House” suspended from high up in the trees. The houses are transparent and you become one with Mother Nature and the animal world. The same concept but in the Ocean water is the Poseidon undersea resort in Fiji. The hotel offers undersea rooms that give you a breath-taking possibility to immerse in the undersea world with the fish and the sharks.

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