When will tourism disappear?

Sometime in the future we are going to be able to experience the world directly through our brains. By taking a capsule or using internal or external devices, we would be able, for example, to read the entire Harry Potter series in a matter of seconds. We might “go on vacation” without leaving our chairs, enjoy a sunny beach or climb up a mountain – both mentally and physically – through our neural networks alone.

Some futurists claim that you would be able to share memories with others: You’d be able to wander off to a remote destination and then, upon your return, share your experiences with your friends and others.

Tourism will eventually disappear but we still have a long technological way getting there. At TOURISM IN THE FUTURE – we are studying and following trends and developments in the fields of technology, the web, transportation etc., in order to keep you updated about changes that are right around the corner, as well as others, that might take longer to mature.

Traveling in the year 2030

In 2030, Google might flash you augmented reality recommendations for your next vacation. The suggested itinerary would then be available for immediate booking. In one click you would book the entire vacation and pay suppliers directly in bitcoins (through blockchain systems). Then you would board a flight from, say, London to Sydney, on a supersonic Airbus, which would get you there in 8 hours. Then from Sydney to the Great Reef you would be taken in an autonomous bus. You would stay at an Airbnb room, in community shared housing (or perhaps at an underwater hotel) and be invited to share meals with the community. You would cook for them your special home recipes with a 3D printer, and then share them with community members. At midnight you might go down to the beach and be a first witness to the re-hatching of a once-extinct species of sea turtle, reborn through modern gene manipulation.

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