9.6 billion people are going to be on our planet by 2050, and a total of 2 billion tourists are going to travel yearly. Cellular phone will be obsolete but not the queen of England. How will traveling look like in 2050?

You have just retired at the age of 82, and are off to a well-deserved vacation. For many years you planned desired body improvements that your medical insurance doesn’t cover. Google’s Siri artificial intelligence doctor will recommend you the best suitable treatment. You will be flashed your treatment’s recommendations through augmented reality from your contact lenses that that will be connected to the internet. The virtual AI Doctor will be very patient with you and will go through all the details of the medical procedures. Google’s choice a high-end clinic in Kuala Lumpur.

You are off to Malaysia for a med and fun vacation. On the menu seeing 6/6 again, improved hearing and 2 new legs.

You’ll will board an orbital solar plane in London and get to Malaysia with-in 2.5 hours. Kuala Lumpur will have a nice scent of Asian cuisine, the streets are going to be crowded with people and vehicles, but it will be quite and you will be able to take in a big breath of clean air.

Upon arrival at the clinic you will be introduced to Lisa your sex-bot for a very warm welcome (no harm done). 3 weeks of operations and treatments and you will be 18 again. Now you will be up for your future plans of hiking and biking in the Scottish Highlands. 2 more weeks of recuperation and sightseeing in Kuala Lumpur and you will be ready for your flight back home. A last fare well kiss from Lisa and you are ready to go back home as an improved cyber-human.

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